Worship Workshops

Beyond the Music

Our worship workshops go beyond a simple guideline for your team to follow. We bring you an interactive workshop that helps your worship team develop a more meaningful and lasting experience for your congregation. We go beyond focusing on the music and encourage teams to develop a culture that fuels worship through the Bible and building personal relationships with your church and God.

Our goal is to break your team out of the traditional box through a variety of activities. We start by bringing your worship team together to evaluate your current approach, then include your leadership and congregational members to explore, design and build a complete ministry process that touches everyone from the moment they enter your chapel, to the end of the service.

If you are ready to break out of your worship rut, contact us to get started.



We’ll get started by understanding where you are currently. What works, what doesn’t, and what ideas your team has for updating your worship service.


We’ll spend all day together in worship, outlining growth opportunities and listening to the people you serve about their needs. We’ll also jam too!


We’ll put it all together leaving your team with an inspirational weekend, and your congregation with exciting experiences to look forward to.

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