Passion for Souls

cover passion for souls
December 6, 2006
Various Artists
Cloudy House Music
Producer: Mark Hood
Number of discs: 1

PASSION FOR SOULS was the first release under the Cloudy House Music label. The album features songs by Lincoln Hawk and Mark Hood. We called on a bunch of talented friends and family to help us and God really provided. Most of the recording took place in my home studio (we called it the “hot box” as there was no air conditioning.) The live drums and mixing was done at Crossroads Studio by Chris Taylor. Lincoln’s “Die Everyday” was also recorded there (he had fantastic air conditioning!!) If you’re familiar with Psalty or Maranatha Music, you’ve heard Chris Taylor’s work. Fulton Hawk did the artwork, which turned out great! If you’re into The Salvation Army, know that pretty much ALL of the talent on this album was provided by Salvationists and those involved in PraiseWorks! Hallelujah!! So checkout Cloudy House Music…OR… CD Baby and get your copy…OR…download the songs from iTunes.

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